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Pierre Newell

Pierre Newell: A Life of Triumph, Challenge, and Reinvention

Pierre's life has been an ever-evolving journey marked by resilience, reinvention, and the enduring power of connection.

A proud father of three (+ 4  step-children) and grandfather of one (+5 from step-children), Pierre has navigated through numerous personal and professional challenges to create a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and success.

Born and raised in a French-speaking family, Pierre faced an early challenge when his parents sent him to an English-speaking military boarding school at the age of 13. Undaunted, Pierre not only adapted to his new environment, but he also excelled, particularly in sports. His hard work earned him prestigious positions on the hockey team and Cadet Corps, culminating in his appointment as one of the 13 Head Boys of Bishop's College School. This early experience instilled in Pierre a deep appreciation for the opportunities life presents and the value of perseverance.

After leaving Dawson College early, Pierre dabbled in the family business before discovering his passion for sales. His natural talent and tenacity quickly propelled him to the top of his field, as he became the #1 salesperson in North America for Merit Students Encyclopedia. As a manager, he continued to thrive, fostering the growth of a new generation of salespeople and forging lifelong friendships.

Pierre's multifaceted career has seen him excel in industries as diverse as real estate, interior design, and automotive leasing and sales. Even during challenging times, such as the two-year period following the end of his first marriage, Pierre managed to bounce back and find success. His involvement with Landmark Education, a personal development program, helped him navigate through personal adversity and develop valuable skills that would later contribute to his achievements.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Pierre found success as a top income earner and speaker for telecom giant Excel Telecommunications. Though the company eventually went bankrupt, Pierre's adaptable spirit led him to new opportunities in the burgeoning world of internet technology. Over the past decade, Pierre has honed his skills in video production, website design, affiliate marketing, and more, leveraging his expertise to build a thriving consulting and software sales business.

Today, Pierre Newell stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His unique journey, marked by triumphs and challenges alike, has molded him into a devoted family man, a driven professional, and an individual who knows that every setback can be transformed into an opportunity for growth and success.

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