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Marie Harwood: An inspiring journey from Mountain Slopes to Global Adventures

Marie Harwood, an unstoppable force of nature, has always been a trailblazer in the many chapters of her life. A passionate and driven woman, she has excelled in various fields, conquering challenges with determination and leaving a lasting impact on everyone she meets. Her love for adventure, learning, and nurturing others has fueled her extraordinary life journey, from mastering the outdoors to exploring the world through her passion for travel.

Marie's academic prowess began with her completion of a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a testament to her intellectual aptitude. However, her love for the outdoors propelled her into an early career in sports. Marie's natural athleticism and affinity for adventure led her to teaching skiing, swimming, and tennis, transforming the lives of countless individuals through her guidance and mentorship.

As a giver and nurturer, Marie found herself drawn to volunteering at a local hospital, providing much-needed support and care to patients in need. Her dedication to the community was further exemplified as she sat on a sports council for several years while living in Ontario, championing the development and growth of local sports programs.

With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Marie pursued over 50 accreditations in travel and finance, which eventually led her to become a professional travel counselor. For 25 years, she held this position, guiding travelers on their journeys and sharing her extensive expertise. Her fluency in French and English, complemented by her conversational Spanish skills, made her an invaluable asset to her clients as she navigated the intricacies of global travel.

Marie's adventurous spirit took her around the world, exploring the beauty and diversity of numerous countries and cultures which, in turn, have inspired her to become the great artist she is today. However, the global pandemic in 2022 prompted her well-deserved retirement, allowing her to shift her focus toward her greatest accomplishments – her art and her family. As a proud mother of four and grandmother of six, Marie continues to be a pillar of strength and guidance for her loved ones.

Never one to slow down, Marie now serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Sales2Go, handling fulfillment and ensuring the company's continued success. Her tireless work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an indispensable part of the team.

Marie Harwood's extraordinary life is a testament to her incredible passion, dedication, and resilience. From the slopes of snowy mountains to the bustling streets of foreign lands, Marie's journey is an inspiring tale that teaches us to chase our dreams, embrace adventure, and never stop learning.

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